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This page contains useful information for members.

Club Officer Job Descriptions

Our Annual General Meeting is approaching, which means we’re looking for some new club officers.  Here are some job descriptions that you will find useful if you’re thinking of being an officer or committee member. These descriptions are very comprehensive, and there’s some flexibility about who does what in reality.

00. The YFC officer team

Roles for members:
01. Club Chair or Vice Chair
02. Club Treasurer age 18+ only to sign cheques
03. Club Secretary
07. Club Programme Secretary

Roles for people outside membership age
11. Club Advisory Member
14. Club President
05. Club Health & Safety Officer
06. Club Safeguarding Officer
04a. Junior YFC Section Leader Officer


Stock judging help and choose the Stock Judging guide


Beef stock judging guide
Beef reasons
Sheep demonstration
Sheep reasons

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